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Easter is just around the corner; expect some splashy springtime color posts coming soon to this blog. :) In the meantime, here’s a roundup of articles around the Intertubes which have interested me lately:

*  Gina Dalfonzo reviews Alec Guinness’ life and memoirs in “Blessed are the Introverts: Of Chameleons, Swans, and Sir Alec Guinness”. It was timely, as I’ve recently watched several Alec Guinness films. I’m rarely drawn to celebrity biography anything, being leery of poor writing, gossip, and a relentless cataloguing of messed-up lives. But Dalfonzo describes a skilled writer who could spin a story without dirt, and the introspective personality behind the great actor. I’ll be adding those memoirs to my reading list.

“Guinness writes honestly and yet guardedly, like a man who’s willing to share much and yet still keep something to himself. This reserve, which puzzles or repels some people, is one of the things I found myself liking most in him. Somehow, in the reticent pages of a memoir by an elderly British actor, I had discovered a kindred spirit.”

*  I LOVED Disney’s Frozen: both the story and the art. Brittney Lee recently concluded a series of posts about her contributions to the art of Frozen. The first entry: “FROZEN: Elsa and Her Ice Palace.”

*  On a more somber note: Paintings and sketches by Jewish children in Theresienstadt concentration camp during WWII.

*  The James Stewart Blogathon runs April 14-17. Having just seen Stewart in Bell, Book and Candle, I’m looking forward to reading all of these entries.