“I felt His voice take the sword out of my hand”: Ben-Hur

Ben-Hur, 1959 - with Charlton Heston

Source: Doctor Macro

Ben-Hur (the 1959 William Wyler/Charlton Heston version, not the 1925 silent) has long been a favorite of mine around Easter. Like The Ten Commandments, it’s such a long movie that I don’t watch it from beginning to end very often, but it’s been several years now since my last viewing. I’ll probably be popping it in the DVD player again this time around.

Quite frankly, I’ve always thought that the emotional saga of Ben-Hur, ably assisted with direction by William Wyler and a stirring score by Miklos Rozsa, drives home the core truths of the Easter story in a way that other, arguably more technically “accurate” versions, simply do not.

Judah: Almost at the moment He died, I heard Him say, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
Esther: Even then.
Judah: Even then. And I felt His voice take the sword out of my hand.



I couldn’t find a video for the scene, but Ben-Hur also has one of my favorite movie quotes/dialogues ever:
“We keep you alive to serve this ship. Row well, and live.”

(Really, it’s worth sitting through all 212 minutes, if only for that.)