About the Counterfeit Writer


Hello, and welcome to The Counterfeit Writer! I’m Ruth Sherwood, AKA the Counterfeit Writer. I’ve been a long-time classic film fan and avid blog-reader, and finally decided that it was time to launch a blog of my own.

I love all things classic film, mostly from the Golden Era, although I make forays into silents and modern movies at intervals. My perennial favorites are Technicolor musicals, film noir, screwball comedy, and anything with amazing costumes, but I’m discovering new aspects about classic movies to appreciate all the time.

Much as I love classic movies, I also love vintage art and graphic design. In keeping with The Counterfeit Writer’s theme of “blogging the vintage visual arts,” in addition to my thoughts on old movies, you can expect to see posts on things like fashion in film, vintage art, illustrations, decorative book covers, set design, possibly the odd book review, and anything else that I happen to find interesting.

Why “The Counterfeit Writer”?
It’s a riff on the title of The Counterfeit Traitor (1962), with William Holden and Lilli Palmer. It sounded catchy and humorously self-deprecating. Also, it’s apropos for the irony inherent in using words, words, words to explain a bunch of art forms that are primarily visual. Hence, “The Counterfeit Writer.” I’m doing my best to prove the title wrong. :)

I hope you enjoy the blog. I welcome your comments (initial comments are moderated to prevent spam), and can also be contacted via e-mail.


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