Color Palettes: “Easter Parade”


Judy Garland in “Easter Parade” (1948)


Presenting a new feature of this blog: color inspiration palettes!  I enjoy browsing the palettes put out by places like Design Seeds (for a movie take, see Movies in Color and Wes Anderson Palettes) – and thought the world needed more color combinations based on classic movies.

Use them for outfit or project inspiration, or just as a fresh look at the color schemes used in movies we love.



2 thoughts on “Color Palettes: “Easter Parade”

  1. You should do color palettes from Danny Kaye’s “Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. Or any of his first four movies, really. The colors in those are… extraordinarily vivid. *g*

    (I once actually did make a set of color-gradient textures using hues from the “Bali Boogie” number in “Wonder Man”. I’ve never posted them anywhere, though.)

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